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Rabu, 29 Juni 2011

something of myself

the way i know, how can be life is so meaningful..
i have found the wrong way, got lost, no hope..
then i found my way back.. a new hope..
sometimes, i find the wild road, the sticky life,, the stream river, the jungle...
i am lost.. how can i still hold on my faith..
i cry harder, no more care, no more love, i felt no perfect life, no perfect love..

felt lonely and lonely..
ask God, why me?
am afraid of my future..
i asked why and why..
am i lost so far?
i asked why and why..
feeling so damn,, so bad..
i only keep moving ,, on the road, ride my motorcycle..
hoping it just like a foolish movie that i have ever seen.. want to quit quickly..
run and hide, behind the fogs..
do not know what's going on..
i dont understand.. even i tried harder..
i bumped my head to the cold pillow..
i wait the perfect time, to create a brave heart..
to face and stand up for life..
i change my direction,, no more time to be rushed in hour,
no more time to fake the smile,, no more time to force myself to be another one..
i put off my mask..
what i am saying, something of myself from my best teacher..
my experience..
something of myself that i really wanna share,,
ignoring the common ways, not to be pretenders..
the common opinions fly high from my direction, my purpose, even my motivation in life.
when i met the great people, but they are so unpredictable..
when i talked much better whose got many experiences in life, i got my reflection..
the way i looked at myself, the way i looked at them from very basically..
i've written somethin' from my deepest mind, from my lost and lost time..
am sure you can feel what i feel, when you read this..
something of myself that i have to speak up..
cos the silence of mine..  can kill myself..

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